Posted: June 17, 2020 in 2020 Guess Who's Back

Hello, if there is still anyone out there. Gojoewesley is back!

I have not added a new post in what seems like decades.
I had a job which required weekly travel while at the same time I was completing an M.B.A. program. I did not have a lot of time to do much. But I was able to coach my daughter’s volleyball team to back to back leagues title wins. Great news is that I did complete my M.B.A. but sadly the company I worked for had a few layoffs. Yes, I was one of the casualties.

So now what? There is unlimited change happening all around us. We are currently living through the worst pandemic in my lifetime with the Corona Virus. Plus, our country has finally been forced to reckon with years of racial discrimination and inequality in the judicial system. Racial bias has been present in everyone sector and area of our lives. We have seen it in business, sports and the economics but now all must become a better place for all.

The difference in this present time is that now everyone is listening and acting. While I am not sure how diversity band aids will impact society, I am sure that transforming into a society that is intolerant of discrimination and racism will make a great difference.

Due to the Covid-19 we have all been still and held up in our homes waiting on the time when it is safe to return to some type of outdoor routine. I don’t think we will ever go back to normal. The new normal will include social distance measures and mass travel, i.e. airplane, bus and etcetera will require face covering. At least I will wear one the next time I travel with a large group

Doing this time of being shut in at home instead of watching T.V. I have learned about blockchain and crypto currency, as well as taken a few entry level programming courses. I have also lost a little weight but not on purpose. Since the gym has been closed, I have just been jogging more. I am down from 250 to 235 ish. While no one truly knows with 100% what is next I do have faith that positive changes will come out of this pandemic and social justice reform.


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