Music, Music, Music

Posted: April 8, 2011 in 2011 Events & Posts

Music is the legal over the counter, dose by dose, stimulate. No matter how much you take you can’t over dose. Music can alter and change moods and thoughts. It resurrects feelings from memories created long ago. It can speed up or slow down body language. It is an upper and downer all at the same time.

Music can ease the mind or help to relax the mood after a rough day or bad event. It can be used as a precursor to that aphrodisiac just before an intimate rendezvous. Yeah, you probably did that a lot back in high school, college and even your wedding night. I hear the song now ” Turn off the Lights…..”

Music is associated with every part of our ceremonial life. Certain styles and tones are nationally adapted as the theme for funerals, weddings, parties, graduations and even the Presidential Inauguration.

Music takes you to places you can enjoy all without leaving your city, couch or car. It is truly a beautiful thing. It can soothe, encourage and excite. It can be scary, depressing or nasty. We don’t always know how to perceive the music we hear or understand the why in why we like it. But if you give it time you will know.

 I am no great theologian on instruments or artists. I can’t read or write music but worst of all I can’t even play an instrument.

 What I can tell you is that I know how to push play. That I know well.

 Music, I just love the sound.


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