Aquí vengo Ciudad de México! The Follow Up.

Posted: July 5, 2011 in 2011 Events & Posts

Well, we had a great trip to Mexico City. I am a little late on the follow-up post. Please forgive me. I had to celebrate the July 4th holiday along with my July 5th Anniversary. Thank you in advance for the congrats.

So while in Mexico City, had the opportunity to visit a few of the many historical sites in Mexico City. We took lots of pictures. The first site that we visited was the castle of Maximilliano I (Maximillia the 1st) of the Austrian Navy, he was proclaimed Emperor of Mexico on 10 April 1864 with the backing of Napoleon III of France and a group of Mexican monarchists who sought to revive the Mexican monarchy. Many foreign governments, including that of the United States, refused to recognize his government. This helped to ensure the success of Liberal forces led by Benito Juárez, and Maximilian was executed, after capture by the Liberals, in 1867.  In Mexico, he and his consort are known as Maximiliano and Carlota. ( I got that from Wikipedia. I couldn’t remember anything good to tell you. LOL)

We also visited and took pictures of the site dedicated to CasaQ logo Los Niños Héroes (The Boy Heroes) were six teenage military cadets, the youngest only 13, who died defending their country at Mexico City’s Chapultepec Castle (a military academy) on September 13, 1847 at the end of the Mexican-American War.

I also had a good time signing autographs and interacting with the kids. I also got into a hot air ballon with Ed as you will see in the photos. Ed works at Jacobs as an Area Safety Manager. He helped to translate for as Joe Wesley still doesn’t know how to speak spanish. I working on it.

I think he had to use about half of the tank to get us off the ground. ha, ha,

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