Forgive and Live.

Posted: September 30, 2011 in 2011 Events & Posts

Last sunday at church, we had visiting minister, Mickie Winborn, who was healed of the Cancer after being, told  that it was in its last stages.  She taught to us about healing.  Although she stated that Sin is a reason for sickness in our bodies it is important to note that sickness in our bodies is not only caused by sin but also by natural factors as well. We know about how things such as not eating healthy, not getting enough sleep and so on. Mickie Winborn has two great books that tell this story Breaking Casualty Covenants and her personal story Through a Glass Darkly.

Biblically we are snared by our words. We have the ability to curse and bless with the same tongue. Proverbs
The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.

This is one of the ways that enemy attacks us. When you say things in casualness that are not in line with scripture you give the enemy permission to attack you. The biggest area of attack is “Unforgiveness” in any area of your life.

This opens the door to the enemy to attack us in that area that we have not forgiven the others or if we can’t forgive ourselves.  These spiritual weights manifest themselves in natural body in the form of many sickness and illnesses.

Over time the weight becomes so heavy that when it comes to life in the natural, it comes to life in a very horrible and terrible way in the body of the oppressed.  We become oppressed by the enemy when we carry burdens that we refuse or deny God to deal with in us.  This also turns into a form of worshipping of those things which we do not deal with. We put it up on an altar in a place in our hearts. By not taking it down in our lives, it becomes a false God. That becomes an idol or idolatry.

So, it is very critical that we as Gods people choose to deal openly with any and everything that burdens our heart before the Lord. This allows God to come in and heal our Spirits 1st and Body 2nd. This ripples into every part of everything we are. This means our children, spouses, finances,and spiritual walk with God.

In the areas of un-forgiveness we must Truthfully Forgive in our Heart not just in our head by just saying it with our mouth. We must confess and repent it to the Lord. If it was done by a person, you must deal with that person. You should speak with the person who you have un-forgiveness toward. Let them know you have forgiven them and that you have asked God to Bless them. God will is to repay ashes with blessings.

This is done before the Lord not so that the person you are speaking with forgives you. If they do that is great. As Christians this is another meaning in what God says about turning the other check.

It is also important that you are humble and not Prideful in your forgiveness. The enemy was thrown from heaven for Pride. We should at all cost control our spirit to crucify fleshly pride.

As believers we pray and move in the spirit. This means that forgiveness applies to those persons who are dead as well. Because their bodies are dead but their Spirit lives on.

Remember that the residence of Heaven and Hell are determined by God. He judges the heart while man (Flesh) fights to judge the actions. It sounds crazy but you must forgive them just like they were alive. Why? Because God is the one and only True Living God.

God is wonderful and merciful his word he plainly states in Chronicles 7:14 Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.

So God wants to heal our land. In the Hebrew “Land” as the passive means possession. This says to us everything we own talking about family, jobs, finance, and so on.

I would encourage us all to seek Gods face of mercy and repent and confess any sins that we have spoken unknowing. Any word said in anger (which is a curse) and any un-forgiveness that we have kelp or any
burden that we have not dealt with.

Seek God tell it to him in prayer. Search out any person you have wronged or have wronged you. You forgive and even if they do not forgive you, God will heal you.

It is God who reigns over the just as well as the unjust. Allow him to deal with it. Don’t be Prideful be Humble. God will come through in your life ways you can’t even think of but importantly ‘ He will heal your land”!


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