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The 2012 AGENDA

Posted: December 10, 2011 in 2012 Events & Posts

The 2012 Agenda.














The reason. Well, I wanted to do something different than what I have done in the past. In past years I had been like most in that I would make a New Year’s Resolution but just as most I would bust the resolution up about March. Now for the past few years I have just been observing the passing motion of the clock as it struck 12:00. I would grab a glass of champagne, say a few words, text every one the standard Happy New Years then go to sleep. I then wake the next day eagerly hustling to get some black eyed peas, greens and corn bread, cabbages, and ask around to see who was making the chitterlings. O.k., I really mean chit-lens. Then I would start the New Year.

2012 will be a year in which I do more of the things that really matter to me and not just do things just to say I did them. Yeah, I might sound selfish but I did turn thirty-five this year. The truth still remains if you don’t control your destiny someone else will for you.

These thoughts have led me to this. Creating an agenda that would help me guide my year. I am giving myself something that I can refer to month to month and day to day but also as frequently as needed.

2012 is a year in which I move forward with centennial type bounds. A year in which I do things that would normally have taken months in days. That would have taken years in months. Oh, I am so serious. Capitalize on the talents and not leave them buried in the sand.

My 2012 Agenda will be just that, which means everything that I do and am apart of must be in alignment with my agenda.  If it is not I am not doing it.  The 2012 Agenda, should you choose to create one, is not just another random collection of letters put together to make words that look good.

The 2012 Agenda is based on something more deeply rooted and profound. The agenda encompasses your moral fiber and bleeds aspects of your passionate nature. In it must also be that thing that gets you out of bed before the alarm clock goes off and has in it that thing that keeps you up at night like a kid on Christmas Eve.

It must be without a doubt well thought out and lived out every day. 365.

So, here it is presents Joseph Wesley’s 2012 Agenda.

  1. Luke 10:27
  2. Be the expression of love to those I love.
  3. Demonstrate living in wisdom and seeking wise council.
  4. Effectively give everything I got to everything I got daily.
  5. Ensure all actions, activities, business operations are aligned with living the most excellent way.

That is my agenda for 2012.

If the event or activity don’t line up with my agenda then please take me off the guest list.

2012 Agenda the year of the Manifested Revealed.