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Texans vs the Jets- The Husband

So we missed last week as we took the first official “Wesley Family Road Trip” 6hrs to the great city of Brookhaven of Mississippi. Big shouts to the town and as they say there is no place like home. We should have told you about that trip. It was an adventure by it self.  We stopped a lot of times for the kids and one major time because my son let out a 3 alarm diaper emergency. The best way to describe it is “all of over the place” and as a “smell that will live in infamy”.

I told my wife we should send a letter to the Holiday Inn Corporation. We stopped at a Holiday Inn Express every time with the exception of a Micro-Inn that was outside of Lafayette. They were nice, clean and the closer we got to Bator Rouge the more jokes they had.

So back to the game.

So I thought the Texans did look good the first half.  Matt Schaub continues to prove that he is worth every penny and dollar that the Texans are paying him. The offensive line is playing good. They had some brake downs but because Schaub is able to get the ball out of his hands on time we didn’t really suffer from protection issues. The Texans will need to sure that up before next weeks game against Greenbay because they can send the Blitz from the bleachers. Then the week after they play the Ravens with the age less Ray Lewis and a defense that has no equal. Well maybe the Steelers is a close second.

What counts is that Schaub does have time to sit in the pocket and find the open guy.

Disappointment was the play of Andre Johnson. As I was watching him, all I could say was “Come On Man”. He seemed to be to playing through some issues. Maybe physical or internal. His mind was not all the way in the game. You know why? I can tell you. The reason was Antonio Cromartie.

This guy will be in the Pro-Bowl this year. He is that good! It seems that Antonio is a “rise to the occasion” type of player. He gets over shadowed by “RevisIsland”. But he is still a great corner to have. My advice to Antonio is to keep your personal life in order and your game will be greater. He has had some family issues which have hindered him from being a main stay as an elite corner. He has the tools without a doubt.

The Texans running game is a gem. Foster and the o-line continue to show up week in and week out. Proof is the one hundred fifty-two yard out put.

The Jets are a good team. They are because they do have a good defense that creates turnovers. Their issues are not that Sanchez is slipping as a QB but is that; 1. They were up against a Wade Phillips coached defense that is mainly charged by injections of Watts, JJ Watts, 2. They don’t have a running back that can pick up the blitz in pass protection and 3. Yes, they do need better receivers. T.O is available.

With all the issues they have the sad thing is that if they had a sure handed receiving core they would have been in position to win the game at the end. Did I already say T.O. is available?

Texans vs. the Jets- The Wife

Ok, so despite what my husband may think.  I did actually watch some of the game in between flips of Monday Night Football and the Housewives of New York reunion as well as some other forms of crazy TV viewing, i.e. Basketball Wives.  There is just something about watching other people and the craziness of their lives that makes me realize I have it good!!!

But seriously, a Monday night game.  I worked all day, and then came home to my second job, after picking up Stone and Sienna.  Unpacked bags, repacked bags, packed lunches, had to make an emergency run to HEB for diapers, Stone was on his last one, give a kid a bath, then I was expected to sit down for a football game.  I am sitting down all right; right into the tub…I just need a minute to think about nothing.

So instead of watching TV in the TV room with my laptop, I am in the bed flipping between two channels. My husband is upset, because I made a commitment to watch the game….well guess what I apparently made several commitments today that I couldn’t get out of.  And besides, I am watching the game, just not next to you in a well lit room with too much noise.

So, my summation….we won and lost tonight.  Lost a player to an ACL tear and won a game….5-0.  I would say the Texans are doing it!!!

Hope you enjoy our blog, and as always tune it to Joe’s blog for the football deal, I just write what goes on in my world as the game is on…lol.


First up for those of you tuning in. Yes we had some scheduling difficulties to start off with. But we got it together. The truth is I couldn’t get my wife to commit to watching the same game at the same time with me. She was saying that I had to pick a game and let her know. O.k. I can take that. So I picked a game. At first I picked the LSU game but some how ( wink..wink) that didn’t work out. I then picked the early morning NFL Game but again that didn’t work out. The afternoon Texans vs the Broncos game workouted right on time, besides since they have three former LSU Tigers on the team I got to watch.

Well since I am a gentleman, my wife first.


This is my wifes view of this Sundays Texans versus the Broncos NFL Football game.

Ok, so Joe came up with this idea of watching the game together and then reporting back what we saw.  What he has failed to realize is he needs some rules and a format to this blog.  Why, because I am a woman, who needs some order and some type of system.  With no rules or format, this yields me to just do my thing throughout the game.

So, I am just returning after a five-minute break of getting the kids popsicles to keep them quiet so I can sit here and listen to Joe scrape the bowl of strawberry ice cream.  And I am supposed to be watching the game…right!

Oh, just caught a nice shot of John Elway.  Yes, I do realize he is retired but he must be visiting.

So, my first thoughts are it looks really nice outside and I love the Broncos uniforms.  Leaving the blog for a few…I have to check my Facebook and look up shoes for the kids…lol.  Yes, I am a working mother and wife, and it is hard to just sit and watch a football game.  Ok, Joe just said he missed it…what did he miss.  There is 59 seconds in the first quarter left and I haven’t caught much.  I will do better for the 2 quarter.

Sienna is crying so I really am leaving for a few.  While I have left the game, Joe is shouting out “Sienna did you bust your lip”.  While I am rolling my eyes and wondering what exactly is he writing over there with his little notepad…lol

End of the first quarter and we are getting a nice shot of the bench and the players while getting some commentary that in my world sounds like Charlie Brown.

Start of the Second Quarter

Kansas City has just beat New Orleans, this is via the update while the 2nd quarter is about to start.  1st down by Tate, he is with the Texans.

Keyshaun Martin could be a great receiver…not sure why but that is what I heard in between.  Texans just scored a touchdown!!!  Yay!!

Champ Bailey in the back of the end zone..I didn’t know he still played.  Ok, so Sienna just walked in with a napkin on her lip, and Stone is trailing behind…they want some attention.

I thought we had a touchdown, but it seems Foster just made a touchdown..not sure what I was watching….houston,13 and Denver 5.

Joe is hating on me because I am actually using my laptop to capture what is going on and he is using a steno pad. The guys on the sidelines sure look bored…put a smile on your face you are still getting paid more than most people to just stand there and look.

Joe just let out this loud howl and I am wondering what is his problem..commercial break. Thank goodness!!!

Another break, and I didn’t get the stuff in between.  Joe just said “we are about to get that love…”  Not sure what that means, but I can almost certainly say he wasn’t talking to or about me.  Stone is running in here for the fifth time.

Texans just scored again, and no I didn’t see it.  I was in the living room getting my kids settled and getting a snack.

Now, Joe is replaying the touchdown I missed…he really doesn’t have to do that.  Joe is so busy trying to juggle his notepad, a bag of trail mix and worrying about the game…we now have trail mix all over the floor.  He can’t multi task…Joe is now eating off of the floor while watching the commercials…is this what happens while I am not watching the game.

Ok, while we are on commercial break, he is rewinding the game to catch some stuff…I can tell you right now if you want game details…read his section, for life details read mine.

Ok, so I didn’t finish the game.  To be honest I am not even sure who won…check Joe’s blog for the winner of the game.

Be honest, is this worth it or should we just book a date night, at least once a month to spend some quality time.  Tell us the truth.

Houston Texans 31 Denver Broncos 25

If you were like me and you watched the Texans play  the Broncos in the NFL this weekend then you most likely had a “What the What?” moment during the first few drives of the first quarter. That would only be if you were pulling for the Texans to win.

I was amazed when I turned on the game to see that at the eight minute mark the score was Denver 5 and Texans 0. I understood that the Texans had to have given up a safety. But after that it was all downhill for the Broncos.

Schaub was on fire. He threw for four touch downs. Man all I could think about is my Fantasy Football team. This week my opponent was starting Schaub and Brady. All I had to offer was Stafford and Cutler. Cutler didn’t come through but Stafford did. I am waiting after the Monday night game. I got WR J. Nelson maybe he can break out 40 points for me. 🙂

Throughout the first half of the game the Texans O-Line controlled the line of scrimmage. Although Foster didn’t really break a long run till the second half he and the offensive line were able to keep the drives on schedule for down and distance.

Plus they did give Schaub enough time to find the open receiver for big time pass plays.

I kept waiting to see LSU Alum Trindon Holiday get a chance to burst a return into the open field. Didn’t happen…maybe next week. While I am talking about Special teams I got to give some love to the Linebacker with the last name Mercilus. He brought the love on kickoff coverage. He made a great open tackle inside the 20yd line. I can’t resist, his hit was MERCILESS!! LOL

Also from a football perspective I want to clear something up. The Broncos #20 Safety Mike Adams kept getting blamed for giving up touchdowns but from the coverage’s they were running the blown assignment was on #26 Rahim Moore. On two coverages he had the inside leverage and he bit down twice on the inside route. C’mon man!!

The second half saw the O-line fall off. They gave up two big hits on the QB.

Now we got to remember that the Broncos are just that good on Defense. They did send a lot of six and five man blitzes and as a result they only gave up 10 points the second half.

Manning he has lost a little bit of snap on the ball and on some down the field passes or at least it looks that way. We still have to take into account that he still hasn’t got the timing down to a science just yet with his receivers. By the way, yes, he does throw the ball to the point were the receiver is SUPPOSED to end up at on his route. He still moves around really well in the pocket and gets rid of the ball on time. The thing we have to remember is that he does not have that many great receivers around him like in Indy. The best he got is Decker and not forget about Tamme who came from Indy. Tamme doesn’t have the ability Clark had in Indy so at best he is still a number three option.

They got a little life when Tate fumbled the ball. You can’t do that with a good team because they will make you pay. The game really was won for the Texans in the 2nd quarter. But that’s why it is a four quarter game. It anit over till the fat lady sings.


Why? Because as most men know, we seem to get more conversation in the form of questions from our wives when THE GAME is on then what seems to be any other time during the week. We know the questions are always the same. Who is that team? Where are they from? Who is that player? What is off-sides? or comments like ” This game is boring.” ” What is the Special Teams and What makes them special?” ” Those are some big guys out there.” He looks too little to play football.” ” Does everybody get a microphone in their helmet?” or my favorite “I missed it what just happened?”(NOT REALLY).

I think we get the picture. So this season I have asked my wife to watch The Game with me all Season. That’s right ALL SEASON. WATCHING THE GAME WITH MY WIFE!! Give me a second I need to pray on this. 🙂

The plan is for us to watch the game and give her commentary from the Wife’s view. I will give my commentary from the X-NFL Linebacker view. Yeah I think this is going to be interesting.

There was a man named Percipi standing at the entrance behind the throne room of a great castle.

Percipi went into the chamber. He walked past a table bountifully prepared with the most lavish food made ready for a feast.







Percipi continued walking past the feast to a statue that was made with a stone base. Growing out of the stone base were golden wheat stalks intermingled with burnt brown stalks of tare. The tare and wheat grow in stalks of three. Then at the top of the stone stand were three armour suits.

The suits were placed left to right. The first armor suite was bronze, the second silver and third armor suit was gold.

Percipi went to the statue to pick up a section of wheat stalks. The wheat was a bright yellow golden grain color.  Percipi looked at the grain and said to himself “I should keep these as I may need them later.” He then put them in his pocket.

Next Percipi looked at the three suits made of precious metal. He stepped toward the golden armor. He reached out his hand to pick up the helmet of gold.  He put it on his head and face shield covered his face. He then lifted the face shield so that it would rest in the up position to allow him to see the things he was looking at.  Next he put on the gold breast-plate. It fit just right. The golden leg armor and shoes where still on the stone statue.

Percipi turn to his left and sees a person fully dressed in the bronze armor that had been in the stone statue. The person in the bronze armor was standing at the door about to go out to battle with his sword out and ready.

Percipi turns around in wonder as he never saw another person enter the room. He then hears footsteps and looks up to see another man fully dressed in the silver armor. The silver armor man did not have his sword or helmet on. Instead the silver armor man had a half crown on his head.  The silver crown was in the shape of the World Series trophy.

The silver crown had multiple vertical settings on the top.  The crown of silver had a diamond incrusted in the middle of each vertical rod setting. These diamond settings rested on top of a solid silver bar head band with cut out space design that allow the vertical rods to be seen pointing up. The Silver armor man is laughing at Percipi and walks by him to the door.

Percipi wonders to himself how “I do I get my crown.”  He went behind the stone statue. He saw on the floor a gold crown that was also made like the silver crown. He took off his helmet and put the gold crown on his head. It slid down over his face so he tilted it up so that it would sit correctly over his head.

Percipi also saw a sword sitting on the ground beside a pair of gold armor gloves. He picked up the armor gloves and put them on. He stood up and turned around to look at the statue.

There were gold armor shoes remaining on the stone statue that Percipi had not put on. He put them on but still did not go out to battle.

Great Day Houston

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It has been a little while since may last post.

I have been a lot occupied with my kids and being super dad. I Love It.

Anyway,’s activity has got off to a running start to get up to speed for this year. This past week participated and appeared on Great Day Houston hosted by Debra Duncan. was there as a part of the NFLPA Houston Chapters support and promotion of the April 14 Stroll for Epilepsy, which will take place at the Houston Zoo.  We were also accompanied by their biggest sponsor Cyberonics.

Here is the link to register.

Hopefully you can come out and join us this year. We (NFLPA Houston) will be out signing autographs and having fun with the kids.

Here is the clip for the Great Day Houston Show.

Check it out and hope to see you at the April 14 Stroll of Epilepsy at the Houston Zoo.


The 2012 AGENDA

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The 2012 Agenda.














The reason. Well, I wanted to do something different than what I have done in the past. In past years I had been like most in that I would make a New Year’s Resolution but just as most I would bust the resolution up about March. Now for the past few years I have just been observing the passing motion of the clock as it struck 12:00. I would grab a glass of champagne, say a few words, text every one the standard Happy New Years then go to sleep. I then wake the next day eagerly hustling to get some black eyed peas, greens and corn bread, cabbages, and ask around to see who was making the chitterlings. O.k., I really mean chit-lens. Then I would start the New Year.

2012 will be a year in which I do more of the things that really matter to me and not just do things just to say I did them. Yeah, I might sound selfish but I did turn thirty-five this year. The truth still remains if you don’t control your destiny someone else will for you.

These thoughts have led me to this. Creating an agenda that would help me guide my year. I am giving myself something that I can refer to month to month and day to day but also as frequently as needed.

2012 is a year in which I move forward with centennial type bounds. A year in which I do things that would normally have taken months in days. That would have taken years in months. Oh, I am so serious. Capitalize on the talents and not leave them buried in the sand.

My 2012 Agenda will be just that, which means everything that I do and am apart of must be in alignment with my agenda.  If it is not I am not doing it.  The 2012 Agenda, should you choose to create one, is not just another random collection of letters put together to make words that look good.

The 2012 Agenda is based on something more deeply rooted and profound. The agenda encompasses your moral fiber and bleeds aspects of your passionate nature. In it must also be that thing that gets you out of bed before the alarm clock goes off and has in it that thing that keeps you up at night like a kid on Christmas Eve.

It must be without a doubt well thought out and lived out every day. 365.

So, here it is presents Joseph Wesley’s 2012 Agenda.

  1. Luke 10:27
  2. Be the expression of love to those I love.
  3. Demonstrate living in wisdom and seeking wise council.
  4. Effectively give everything I got to everything I got daily.
  5. Ensure all actions, activities, business operations are aligned with living the most excellent way.

That is my agenda for 2012.

If the event or activity don’t line up with my agenda then please take me off the guest list.

2012 Agenda the year of the Manifested Revealed.