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Elements of Success  1. Action


There is a well-known and often repeated reference that is all about the method that action is achieved. It goes “the violent take it by force”! Now I know there are some passive aggressive or “Non-Violence” types reading this but what I am calling your attention to is not “Violence” but the how in how the act is achieved.

Violent action is done by using a specific and emotional sustaining force. Often in football a player is referred to as being a very violent player. This is not to say that he is a criminal but that every act that he performs is conducted with a high level of force and impact. That is how we must take action to achieve success.

When I consider the passage “The Violent Take IT by Force” I visualize a military attack. Before the military ever acts to engage in a battle they first start with the end in mind. They develop a plan that is focused and includes specific steps that designed to yield victory.

When pure violence is executed it does not stop for the nay sayers or unbelievers. No matter if it is random or planned, it doesn’t rest until the end is achieved. This is what we should embody when we want to achieve any level of success. Not quitting, not resting and not doubting.

There is a reason that Action is element number 1 on the Elements of Success Table. You have to take it to get where you want to be.


Elements of Success

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This year is seemingly rolling along  just as it would any other year. It seems that a consistent theme of pursuit is Success.  I think any and every one would agree that the easiest thing to do is to not do and just be. Now some people would call that lazy or just plain as we say in Mississippi “Trifling”.

I see both sides day in and day out. I see people who are in positions who just wing it and you can tell they are just Trifling and others who are really breaking the model on how achievement and success are defined. I dislike the term over-achievers. To me, this is said by people who peg stereo types of people base on a person’s background or education and not by observing their action.  In that sense we are all “over achievers” because a large percent of people don’t have the best educational or cultural backgrounds but still achieve great exploits in life.

About one year ago, I conducted a presentation for a group of at-risk youth. I was doing some online research and I came across a poster called the “Elements of Success”.

This material was created by


So I got permission to use it at my seminar and the kids loved it.

I have it posted on the wall in my office at work. I had a fellow Manager walk into my office and ask for a copy of it.

I thought to myself “I never really expanded on the elements of Success that are included in the Elements of Success elemental chart.” So what I want to do is to expand on the elements in the chart each week from a very personal and balanced view point. I am going to start next week with “Action”.

I don’t know where this will end up but I do know it is going somewhere. So stay tuned.