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A great question that I am consistently asking myself “When do you stop diplomacy?”

I was raised in a big family. There were three girls and two boys.  In our early years we always had brother sister disputes.  Typical things like leaving the toilet seat up or the occasional “remote control” warfare.

We had a very lively household.  As we got older into our teen years we began to fight less and engage in more loud debates like “who got here first” or “I was watching that show but you left the room”.

In these cases we would present our argument to the other siblings. Then they would decide a verdict.

I believe as a result of that I developed a talent for being diplomatic. That skill was very useful as I played college and professional football and now in my professional life.

So again, I asked myself “When do you stop being diplomatic?” I believe the answer is simple.

Diplomacy stops when the other party(s) involved illustrates demeaning or disrespectful behavior. At that point the best solution is to end the conversation. Move on and get over it.


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