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Posted: February 1, 2016 in 2016 Events & Posts
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Wow, it is 2016 and just like every year things have changed. This is my first post since June 2015 and boy that has been a long time. I think this past year I just got busy doing. I spent a lot of time thinking and understanding what it was I wanted to carry out. I read a lot of good books. Together with some great people, in the Houston Former Player Chapter, I believe we planted a lot of good seeds within business and community organizations using our seven sector strategy. This year I believe we will see those yield their fullest returns.

I did a lot in 2015 that I should have published to Gojoewesley.com. I would have made for some great reading. Maybe I go back and capture some of those things. Like the time I went the Mission Control at NASA, visited Chicago or the time I let my son shave my beard to end my Movember Drive. All good stuff.

Here is a quick 2015 recap.

  • Elected NFLPA Former Players Houston Chapter President,
  • Suspended a Board Member
  • Attended my Sister’s Wedding
  • Visited my Hometown, Brookhaven Mississippi
  • Moved into a New Home
  • Broke my SUV
  • Got a New Truck
  • Become an Official Product Spokes person
  • Did meet a lot of Great People
  • Read more of the Bible
  • Prayed More (Lords Know we need it!)
  • Got on Instagram

I could keep going but I think that is enough.

So far this year the Chapter has gotten off to a great start. We partnered with Rebuilding Together Houston and KHOU11 to complete a home repair for a Vietnam Veteran. That was a fun time. I have included the link below.

I just wanted to write a quick post to get back in the habit of posting. Check out the link and catch yall in a few!


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