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Inclusion Camp

Posted: November 10, 2016 in 2016 Events & Posts

On Saturday, September 24, 2016 I had the privilege of participating with the NFLPA Former Players Houston Chapter to conduct a Free Inclusion Football Camp. The camp included kids with disabilities and non-disabled kids side by side having football fun.

The best part was giving the kids an opportunity to come out and compete which is at the heart of all athletes.  When interacting with the campers I was able to get a sense that most kids with disabilities under normal conditions do not get to participate in athletic camps. Typically kids with disabilities get no love from athletic camp organizers.  This event made me realize how important it is to use my platform to reach out within areas of our community that are often overlooked.

Some kids needed assistance navigating the cones while others were not able to really understand the concepts of agility. No problem at all. We, the Camp Coaches, got right in there and guided them through the courses.

Only at the end of the camp was I able to realize the depth of the affect we were having. At the conclusion of the event as I spoke with parents listening as they communicated their appreciation and gratitude regarding how we engaged and coached their kids.

Although no one cried or handed us a bouquet of rose it was very evident that we made more than a fitness and health impact but impacted hearts and minds.

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My 40 at 40: The 40 Most Impactful in My Life

Today I turned 40 so I thought I would celebrate the people, places and things that have made the most impact in my life up until this point. So with that here is my list of the 40 Most Impactful persons, places and things that have made the impacted my life over my first forty years on the planet earth.

  1. The Father, the Son and Holy Spirit
  2. Mom
  3. Dad
  4. Grandma Betty
  5. Grandma Nira
  6. My Grand Paw Phillip
  7. All my brothers and sisters
  8. My wife and kids
  9. Uncles
  10. Aunts
  11. My In-Laws
  12. My Second Grade Teacher
  13. My High School Algebra teacher
  14. Waller
  15. My College Team mates
  16. College Coaches
  17. Everett Hatcher
  18. Brookhaven MS
  19. LSU and Baton Rouge La
  20. San Francisco 49ers
  21. Jacksonville Jaguars
  22. My 88 Cutlass Oldsmobile Supreme
  23. Coach Rusty Funk
  24. Coach Eugene Sanders
  25. Brookhaven High School and Solider Field
  26. Alexander Junior High
  27. Brignal Road and my brothers from the neighborhood
  28. True Friends
  29. Egypt Circle
  30. Tiger Stadium
  31. Two-A-Day Football Camps at LSU
  32. Berlin Germany
  33. Berlin Thunder
  34. Houston Texas
  35. New Pine Grove C.O.G.I.C.
  36. Lumberton MS
  37. Mary’s Temple C.O.G.I.C.
  38. 21 Laws of Leadership
  39. John Paul Jackson
  40. The Arts

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