Football Season: Husband Wife View-in Together ?

Posted: September 5, 2012 in 2012 Events & Posts

Why? Because as most men know, we seem to get more conversation in the form of questions from our wives when THE GAME is on then what seems to be any other time during the week. We know the questions are always the same. Who is that team? Where are they from? Who is that player? What is off-sides? or comments like ” This game is boring.” ” What is the Special Teams and What makes them special?” ” Those are some big guys out there.” He looks too little to play football.” ” Does everybody get a microphone in their helmet?” or my favorite “I missed it what just happened?”(NOT REALLY).

I think we get the picture. So this season I have asked my wife to watch The Game with me all Season. That’s right ALL SEASON. WATCHING THE GAME WITH MY WIFE!! Give me a second I need to pray on this. 🙂

The plan is for us to watch the game and give her commentary from the Wife’s view. I will give my commentary from the X-NFL Linebacker view. Yeah I think this is going to be interesting.


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