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Texans vs the Jets- The Husband

So we missed last week as we took the first official “Wesley Family Road Trip” 6hrs to the great city of Brookhaven of Mississippi. Big shouts to the town and as they say there is no place like home. We should have told you about that trip. It was an adventure by it self.  We stopped a lot of times for the kids and one major time because my son let out a 3 alarm diaper emergency. The best way to describe it is “all of over the place” and as a “smell that will live in infamy”.

I told my wife we should send a letter to the Holiday Inn Corporation. We stopped at a Holiday Inn Express every time with the exception of a Micro-Inn that was outside of Lafayette. They were nice, clean and the closer we got to Bator Rouge the more jokes they had.

So back to the game.

So I thought the Texans did look good the first half.  Matt Schaub continues to prove that he is worth every penny and dollar that the Texans are paying him. The offensive line is playing good. They had some brake downs but because Schaub is able to get the ball out of his hands on time we didn’t really suffer from protection issues. The Texans will need to sure that up before next weeks game against Greenbay because they can send the Blitz from the bleachers. Then the week after they play the Ravens with the age less Ray Lewis and a defense that has no equal. Well maybe the Steelers is a close second.

What counts is that Schaub does have time to sit in the pocket and find the open guy.

Disappointment was the play of Andre Johnson. As I was watching him, all I could say was “Come On Man”. He seemed to be to playing through some issues. Maybe physical or internal. His mind was not all the way in the game. You know why? I can tell you. The reason was Antonio Cromartie.

This guy will be in the Pro-Bowl this year. He is that good! It seems that Antonio is a “rise to the occasion” type of player. He gets over shadowed by “RevisIsland”. But he is still a great corner to have. My advice to Antonio is to keep your personal life in order and your game will be greater. He has had some family issues which have hindered him from being a main stay as an elite corner. He has the tools without a doubt.

The Texans running game is a gem. Foster and the o-line continue to show up week in and week out. Proof is the one hundred fifty-two yard out put.

The Jets are a good team. They are because they do have a good defense that creates turnovers. Their issues are not that Sanchez is slipping as a QB but is that; 1. They were up against a Wade Phillips coached defense that is mainly charged by injections of Watts, JJ Watts, 2. They don’t have a running back that can pick up the blitz in pass protection and 3. Yes, they do need better receivers. T.O is available.

With all the issues they have the sad thing is that if they had a sure handed receiving core they would have been in position to win the game at the end. Did I already say T.O. is available?

Texans vs. the Jets- The Wife

Ok, so despite what my husband may think.  I did actually watch some of the game in between flips of Monday Night Football and the Housewives of New York reunion as well as some other forms of crazy TV viewing, i.e. Basketball Wives.  There is just something about watching other people and the craziness of their lives that makes me realize I have it good!!!

But seriously, a Monday night game.  I worked all day, and then came home to my second job, after picking up Stone and Sienna.  Unpacked bags, repacked bags, packed lunches, had to make an emergency run to HEB for diapers, Stone was on his last one, give a kid a bath, then I was expected to sit down for a football game.  I am sitting down all right; right into the tub…I just need a minute to think about nothing.

So instead of watching TV in the TV room with my laptop, I am in the bed flipping between two channels. My husband is upset, because I made a commitment to watch the game….well guess what I apparently made several commitments today that I couldn’t get out of.  And besides, I am watching the game, just not next to you in a well lit room with too much noise.

So, my summation….we won and lost tonight.  Lost a player to an ACL tear and won a game….5-0.  I would say the Texans are doing it!!!

Hope you enjoy our blog, and as always tune it to Joe’s blog for the football deal, I just write what goes on in my world as the game is on…lol.