Humble Texas: Lets Do This….!

Posted: April 19, 2013 in 2013 Events & Posts

On May 1st I will be at Humble Civic Center, Humble, Texas to speak with 200 young men.

The focus of this event is to educate and motivate them in a way that it springs forth a river of success within their lives.

I will educate them on who is in prison and why.  I will also give them an inside look at what it is like in prison for young men 15 to 25. It isn’t pretty.

I am EXCITED!  I plan to take pictures and video parts of the event.  My goal is let these young men know that life is better when you take or make no excuses but push to do anything you believe you can.  Scare Face was right.  The “World is Yours”.

You got to take it or the world will push you aside to make way for the people who are serious.

FOCUS on Achievement and Define your Success.



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