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Freedom Over Texas

Posted: July 5, 2013 in 2013 Events & Posts

On July4th myself and two fellow Former Players, Ricardo McDonald and Mickey Washington attended the Southwest Airlines Freedom Over Texas event here in Houston, TX.   We were out representing our local NFLPA Former Players Houston chapter. The chapter got the invite to participate from the Office of Mayor Annise Parker.  We had a great time out signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.


Rolling Street Hot Rod on a Golf Cart.

You got to see it to believe it. We were riding in our golf cart as if we were in a Bentley, driver and all. We came to a 4 way intersection and needed to make a left turn.  So the driver gets in the turning lane waiting for the light to turn green. It turns green he then puts out his left hand to signal that we are turning.

I said to myself “How much is my life insurance policy, somebody tell wife and kids I love em.”

So we make the turn and the driver is giving us a brief history lesson. I just keep focusing on looking for oncoming cars. Maybe I would have time to jump out. I still got some football quick’s in me. LOL. The great thing is that I got it on film. Check the video out at

No, Golf cart with driver at the conclusion of our session. Instead we had to walk back. It was me and the McDonald Family footing it across a lake of people.

We dipped through the V.I.P. a.k.a the Red band section. We got stopped by this guy telling us we couldn’t go that route. But in the end we did go behind stage and saw this guy almost crash face first into the ground.  I am guessing he was running to his car.  He stepped in a whole but he caught himself.  No injuries reported plus if he had fallen it would have been ugly.

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The Flowers and a Prayer

So, I few months back my family and I went to the store to do some grocery shopping.

While we were there my 4yr old daughter had a revelation of her own. That same week her class were learning about plants and flowers. During this revelation of hers she thought it would be great if we planted some flowers at home so that the sun, water and the earth could help the seed grow into a flower.

Well like the great dad that I am I immediately came up with five to ten reasons why this was not a good idea. But before I could verbalize all of my great thoughts the Wesley Board of Trustees banded together to make operation “Flower Planting” a go. Yes, I was out number by a 4yr girl and a 2yr old boy who had no idea of what was going on but joined in to cast his vote by saying “Daddy, I want some flowers too. Buy me some.”

Now, my usual partner in the “No vote” jumped ship. She went with kids. My wife sold me out.  So, long story short we got a few packets of flower to plant at the house.

Now, in the front of our home we have a small place for a flower garden. This area gets almost too much sunlight. Plus it seems that when they were building the house the builders left concrete sand under the ground were the garden is.  We have tried to plant a few flowers in there but to no avail after a few weeks they would just shrivel up because the underneath sand would not let the flowers root get strong enough to stand.

When we got home I got with the kids and we planted the flowers in small flower pots. They loved it. They were no help but I let them play in the water and get all wet up.  It was a spur of the moment splash day.

A few weeks later the flowers had out grown the pots. It was time to put them in the ground. So knowing all of the issue we have had in the past with the garden ground I thought I would do something different. I wet the ground and before I put the plants in the ground knelt down and said this prayer

“My father who art in haven, I am down here about to plant these flowers today. Now I just want to let you that these flowers have to live because if they don’t my kids will be disappointed and I will have to hear how bad of a job I did of planting these flowers from my wife. So, God I don’t really want to my kids to be disappointed but worse you know I don’t want to hear my wife tell everybody how I killed the kids flowers. So in Jesus name I pray, bless this ground and blossoms these flowers so that they magnify the name of the Lord. Amen.”

So here we are fresh into summer about four months later.  The flowers looking good and plus I got these sunflowers for myself. I wanted to see how huge they would get.

So, just so you know God answered my prayer.


On May 1, 2013 the 5th Annual I’m Not the One conference was held at the Humble Civic Center, Humble Texas. This event was specific conceived for young black males.  This conference brought together young black males between the ages of 16-18 with the focus of changing the statistics. This event included students from Humble ISD and Cleveland ISD.

Did you know….

1:2 Black Children grow up without a positive male role model in the home.

1:7 of the Nations Homicides are Black Men.

1.5 Black Boys will not graduate High School.

I’m Not the One represents not becoming the “ONE” to become a statistic. Not to drop out of High School or not go to college but instead I am the one to; graduate high school, go to and finish college, get married, raise a family, be a father and become a positive influence in my community.

Today was a full day I, along with five other great speakers, did lead break out sessions designed to educate these young black men on prison, promote positive behavior, and above all let them know that they are somebody and can accomplish greatness.

There were some really good speakers. I wish I could give every one of them some love on here but I just want to highlight Steven Holloway. He was moving and thrilling with his presentation and speech.  His personal story sounded like a made for t.v. movie.  Oh, Jackie Battle Running back, San Diego Charges, was the morning sessions kick off speaker. He had a very moving story. He did a good job.  Got to work on the ums though.

Steven Holloway, was the closing keynote speaker. He spoke how his father was sentenced to 99 years in prison which led to him not knowing or ever meeting his father. This played apart in him becoming addicted to crack cocaine for seven years. He spoke on how and why he turned his life around.

I did take some pictures of his presentation. It was great!  He used a suitcase and a bag to illustrate what life is like when you carry around negative things in your life.  He also put on a Prison Orange jump suit with a chain to give the young men a visual illustration of Prison life. Again, he was great!

My presentation did center on two key themes. 1. The Prison System: How Corporations Lobby law makers to pass more laws that equal extended prison time and mandatory sentencing and 2: Achieving Success, Success Qualities, Why People Fail and Succeed.

I was also able to give the young men a hand out that included the Elements of Success which were created by Bald One Media for

I have to give a great big THANKYOU to my wife for being my assistant today. She really did a great job. I appreciate it Honey.

Also to my friend and college teammate Theo Williams, as he got me connected with the event way back in February. Theo, first round of chicken wings on me at the LSU game watch.

I must thank Stacey Hamlet & Charles Ned. I am grateful for opportunity to speak at this event and I truly believe we changed some lives today.

Thanks to all the young men who attended today for staying awake and being interactive.

I had an awesome time. I’ll be back in 2014. Can’t wait. Matter of fact, I already started working on the presentation.


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On May 1st I will be at Humble Civic Center, Humble, Texas to speak with 200 young men.

The focus of this event is to educate and motivate them in a way that it springs forth a river of success within their lives.

I will educate them on who is in prison and why.  I will also give them an inside look at what it is like in prison for young men 15 to 25. It isn’t pretty.

I am EXCITED!  I plan to take pictures and video parts of the event.  My goal is let these young men know that life is better when you take or make no excuses but push to do anything you believe you can.  Scare Face was right.  The “World is Yours”.

You got to take it or the world will push you aside to make way for the people who are serious.

FOCUS on Achievement and Define your Success.


TMC Child Care Y Kickoff

Posted: January 31, 2013 in 2013 Events & Posts

On January 25, 2013, the Texas Medical Center Child Care Center Y held their annual Partners Campaign kickoff.  To learn more about the Partners campaign please contact me or just click on this link…

This year’s theme was Honolulu, Hawaii. The kids dressed up in Hawaiian skirts and handed out the flower necklaces which are called A lei. The center also was able to get a Hula dancer to come “shake it” with the kids and the parents. Some of the parents really got into the swing of things. It was funny and all in fun.

I said a few words at the end but we didn’t have the best sound system. So my usual off centered funny moment wasn’t that funny. You could say that the joke was on me, because nobody could understand anything I was saying. I laughed anyway. LOL

Check out the pictures below. This year I plan on really getting involved with the kids and helping to build the center up. Thanks and check back for updates.

See you at the T.O.P. I’ll be the one laughing all the way.