Freedom Over Texas

Posted: July 5, 2013 in 2013 Events & Posts

On July4th myself and two fellow Former Players, Ricardo McDonald and Mickey Washington attended the Southwest Airlines Freedom Over Texas event here in Houston, TX.   We were out representing our local NFLPA Former Players Houston chapter. The chapter got the invite to participate from the Office of Mayor Annise Parker.  We had a great time out signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.


Rolling Street Hot Rod on a Golf Cart.

You got to see it to believe it. We were riding in our golf cart as if we were in a Bentley, driver and all. We came to a 4 way intersection and needed to make a left turn.  So the driver gets in the turning lane waiting for the light to turn green. It turns green he then puts out his left hand to signal that we are turning.

I said to myself “How much is my life insurance policy, somebody tell wife and kids I love em.”

So we make the turn and the driver is giving us a brief history lesson. I just keep focusing on looking for oncoming cars. Maybe I would have time to jump out. I still got some football quick’s in me. LOL. The great thing is that I got it on film. Check the video out at

No, Golf cart with driver at the conclusion of our session. Instead we had to walk back. It was me and the McDonald Family footing it across a lake of people.

We dipped through the V.I.P. a.k.a the Red band section. We got stopped by this guy telling us we couldn’t go that route. But in the end we did go behind stage and saw this guy almost crash face first into the ground.  I am guessing he was running to his car.  He stepped in a whole but he caught himself.  No injuries reported plus if he had fallen it would have been ugly.

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